General Urgent Care Visit

A general urgent care visit is when you want to schedule an appointment to discuss an ailment or issue. It’s different from regular check-ups in that there’s something specific to talk about, but should not replace visits to the ER for emergencies. You can schedule an urgent care visit today or for a future convenient date and time.

Are walk-ins available?

Walk-ins are welcome at our urgent care clinics, depending on availability. Feel free to book an appointment while you are on your way. This may speed up the check-in process and secure an available time.

Can urgent care refill my medications?

Yes they can. Depending upon the type of medication and the last time it was refilled your provider will discuss options available for a refill, new medication or connecting you with a primary care provider.

What kinds of tests can urgent care perform with same day results?

There are a variety of test available such as flu, strep throat, and COVID. If you are experiencing pain with urination or STI symptoms the urgent can help with those as well.

When should I go to urgent care vs an emergency room?

The UC can provide care for mild symptoms such as fever, cough, vomiting or diarrhea and injuries such as a cut, sprains/strains or broken bone . If you are experiencing the onset of severe pain or symptoms such as difficulty breathing, chest, abdominal pain or stroke like symptoms go to the ER.

When should I see urgent care vs a primary care clinician?

If you are experiencing a mild illness such as a fever, cough, sore throat or sustained an injury that is need of immediate attention. See a primary care provider to gain insight into your overall health status, discuss preventive screenings based on your family history and age and monitor chronic conditions.

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